Happy Easter (egg)!

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend with your friends and family. I'm enjoying mine this year apart from my family here on the lovely peninsula Dingle in Ireland.

But just in case you couldn't find any Easter eggs, I collected the best Google Easter eggs that are still active online. And because I don't want to ruin your surprise I won't tell you what's going to happen if you try it.

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The 2 Characteristics every Digital Marketer should possess

As digital technology is evolving, it's getting more important for digital marketers to be multifaceted and combine both creativity and innovation (being an artist) and handling data and analytics (being a scientist). Engaging with customers on an emotional level is equally important as to analyse data in order to improve its effectiveness. Handling big data, inferring the right decisions and creating content which is convincing – This is the key to success.

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